Community Projects Submissions

Thank you for your interest in funding for Community Projects through the FY22 Appropriations Process. The application period for submissions to Congressman Ruiz has now closed.


The Appropriations Committee is permitting each Member of Congress to submit 10 projects from their district for potential funding by the Appropriations Committee. Rep. Ruiz’s office received an extremely high volume of requests, so please know that while Rep. Ruiz values each project submitted by a local government, agency, or non-profit that brings federal funding to California’s 36th District, the office is only able to submit 10 to the Committee.


All projects must be submitted to the Committee by April 30th and the selected projects will be posted on this webpage to comply with public disclosure requirements. The information posted will include:

  • the proposed recipient,
  • the address of the recipient,
  • the amount of the request,
  • and an explanation of the request, including purpose, and a justification for why it is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds.


If you have submitted a project and have additional questions please contact