Daughter Of Purepuchas From Mexico Is Accepted To Harvard (Translated)

April 13, 2021
In The News

In her native dialect, Elizabeth Esteban's mother tells him how proud she is to learn that she has just fulfilled the dream that so many young Latinos seek to achieve, a full scholarship to Harvard University . 

“I am very proud, because no one in this community has been able to achieve this. And I am very proud and grateful. Nobody here, on this side of the valley thinks they can achieve something like that, ”says Esteban.

Elizabeth lives in a mobile home in the eastern Coachella Valley, her parents are Purépecha Indians from Michoacán, Mexico and they work in agricultural fields. Despite raising their children in a low-income home, they struggled to give Elizabeth and her siblings a better life.  

Elizabeth's mother, Cecilia Esteban, says “It was worth it because my daughter already achieved what she wanted so much to study, and now with more reason. I'm very proud of her." 

However, Elizabeth says that the fear of being Latina and low-income almost led her not to apply to the prestigious university. According to the most recent data from Harvard, 40 percent of accepted students are white, and only 5 percent are Latino. 

“Well, at first I wasn't going to apply to Harvard because I didn't feel that my achievements deserved having such a prestigious university. And I don't have a person who knows how to submit applications to such a university, ”says Esteban.  

E l be an integral low - income family was not the only challenge, but also his school was forced to close as all the nation, causing another problem in their learning. 

“I am one of the students who also has problems with the internet, even the internet that the district gave us,” says Esteban.

Due to the low internet connectivity in the rural area where she lives, Elizabeth lost time in her interview to apply to Harvard University. 

“But I thought to myself that I have to keep fighting and it is an obstacle that I had to overcome, ''” says Esteban.

She seeks to study political science and in the future become a congressman from this region, this after a year ago she had the opportunity to accompany Congressman Raul Ruiz to the presidential report of former President Donald Trump, which gave her an idea of ​​what who wants to aspire.