Ruiz Helps Resident's Appeal for $55,000 Disability Benefits

July 16, 2018
Making Government Work for You

In April 2016, Annette Robino appealed her disability benefits with the Social Security Administration, confident that her health conditions and economic need qualified her to receive more benefits. More than a year later, her case still was not resolved, and she decided to contact my office.

After years spent navigating a sea of red tape, my office was able to help Annette with her appeal, and she received disability benefits totalling $55,782. Annette was down to her last pound of meat in the freezer when she learned the news.

"The office helped to get my disability case through the courts with success," Annette said. "I did have to hire a lawyer and go to court, and I won the case. I feel Dr. Ruiz is a great humanitarian."

If you are a resident of the 36th district and are having issues with a federal agency, my office is here to cut through the red tape and get you the benefits you deserve. If you have a question about a federal agency or program, please contact my district office at 760-424-8888. We're here to help!